The Best Political figures in Egypt post Jan25

10- Diaa Rashwan 

Diaa Rashwan, political analyst and head of Al-Ahram Centre for Political and Strategic Studies (ACPSS), is considered one of the best researchers in the political Islam. His success in 2013 is well earned after his campaign in 2009 that led to huge progress in freedom of journalism in Egypt.

9- Abdel Menem Saeed 

CEO of Al Masry Media Corporation, former chief of Al-Ahram Think Tank, former consultant of Emiri Diwan of Qatar, Saeed earned his position on this list for his role in transforming Al Masry Al Youm into a world-class journalism corporation after two years of amateur journalism and biased editorial policies

8- Bassem Ouda 

Minister of Supply and faithful member of the Muslim brotherhood. Despite the failure of the party nationwide and in all aspects, the 43-year-old minister managed to create a small success by creating a circle of supporters after a successful social media campaign. He is a very smart politician and might be one of the FJ Party cards in the future after the collapse of all of the party leaders. I would call him the "Chris Christie" of the FJ Party.

7- Mohamed Fouad 

A 35-year-old service quality expert, PhD holder and former JP Morgan-chase economist, Fouad ran for the parliament as an independent in 2011 in Boulaq district and lost the runoffs to the Muslim Brotherhood candidate. He recently turned down an offer from the FJ Party to join their party list in the next elections. He writes for the Daily News Egypt every Sunday.

6- Hisham El Khazindar

The Harvard graduate and co-founder of the giant private equity firm Citadel Capital is keeping a low profile in local media but very popular among young intellectual youth on social media. The very successful young economist is maintaining international exposure by participating in WEF and other summits and forums, and he comments on the economical situation by writing for international news media.

5- Muhammed Saad el Katatny

Chairman of the FJ Party. He defeated the conspiracy theorist El-Eryan in the FJ Party internal elections. Despite the failure of the Muslim Brotherhood in all sectors, the recently elected head of the party is away from the media and working on forming lists of new faces for the next parliamentary elections

4- Amr El Shobaky 

The political analyst of Al-Ahram Think Tank defeated the Muslim brotherhood in the very conservative district of Imbaba, and maintains sane views and opinions in his contributions in Al Masry Al Youm. He is one of the few revolutionaries who weren't fooled by the Muslim Brotherhood, except in the early beginning of the revolution.

3- Esmat El Sadat 

The chairman of Reform and Development party, elected twice in Tala Monofeya in 2005 and 2011, defeated the Muslim Brotherhood candidate in the first round by a margin of 90,000 votes. He is also the chairman of Sadat foundation for social development. Despite his disastrous speech in the Ethiopia dam crisis meeting he is one of the few politicians who have sane views about the role of the opposition in the remaining 3 years of Morsy's term. He is looking for a small success for his party in the next elections to give him the power he needs to run for presidency in 2016

2- Ahmed Shafik 

The man behind the renaissance of the civil aviation sector in Egypt. Hiss loss by a tiny margin to Morsy in 2012 elections was the end of an almost perfect presidential campaign. The independent candidate ran an outstanding campaign and collected 12.5 million votes before he was forced to leave to exile in Abudhabi to avoid the evidence-less lawsuits.  he left to all the future political leaders an open book to learn how to run a successful campaign and defeat the Muslim brotherhood. He understood the demography of every single city in Egypt and he came back from a man described in all news media as Mubarak's loyalist to be a leader surrounded by millions of supporters.

1- Abdel Fattah El Sissi 

Colonel General Abdul Fatah Saeed Hussein Khalil Al-Sisi is an Egyptian Colonel General. He is the Commander-In-Chief of the Egyptian Armed Forces since 12 August 2012. He successfully re-positioned the army back as the one and only institution that no matter what happens will only protect the people. The army had been vulgarly attacked by the leftist movements and international media in the past 2 years, the army was  dragged to street wars to maintain order but because of not very wise decisions it was seen as the enemy among   revolutionaries. El sissi is considered the most powerful politician in Egypt right now 


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