Touristic cities cool mayors, but not in Egypt! They have a terrorist !

Touristic cities always have cool mayors, let's see..

Mayor of Rio De Janeiro 

Mayor of Paris 

Governor of New Jersey (Atlantic City)

Mayor of Barcelona

Mayor of Rome

Mayor of Beunos Aires 

Governor of Florida (Miami)

Mayor of Dubai 

Mayor of Calgary 

Mayor of Luxor 

Oops! Sorry that's the former Governor of Luxor 

The Muslim Brotherhood president of Egypt Mohamed Morsy appointed the leader of a Jihadist group who participated in Luxor massacre in 1997 as the new Mayor of the very famous touristic city. The president pardoned him few months ago. The jihadist group listed as terrorist organization in US, EU, Canada and UK

Assad Al Khayat the leader in the jihadist group and the new governor of Luxor

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