Bringing El Sissi Down: First Scenario

According to the road-map announced by General Abdel Fatah el Sissi, we are supposed to witness Islamist-free presidential elections next March.

The current situation of the state where an Army chief commander is on the top of the state sustained by the gigantic support from the masses is very perturbing and menacing the whole institutions of the state. 

With no doubt and as my friend Dr Ahmed Esmat said, Abdel Fatah El Sissi has raised the bar of public standards of leadership. That standard that will leave us with only few potential scenarios to have a race between proper presidential candidates who can downfall El Sissi ego, defeat him with the diplomacy and the bureaucracy of the state and send him back to his desk in MOD. 

First Scenario 

The harmonization between the pundits of the old regime should elect a top diplomat preferably someone who had been very active in DC in the past years. 
The coordination and the decision making process needs very strong statesman, who can come up with a win-win situation for all the parties who are going to architect the next hierarchy and leaders of the triangle of power.   


Born in Heliopolis in Cairo on 12 June 1942, Aboul Gheit was originally from the city of Port Saeed. He started his career as Third Secretary in the Embassy of Cyprus and moved into being the First Secretary for Egypt's Ambassador in the United Nations, Political Consultant in the Egyptian Embassy in Russia in 1984, and moved into being the Ambassador of Egypt in Rome, Macedonia and San Marino. In 1999 he was the head of Egypt's permanent delegation in the United Nations.
Regarding the Pope Benedict XVI Islam controversy, he said "this was a very unfortunate statement and it is a statement that shows that there is a lack of understanding of real Islam. And because of this we are hopeful that such statements and such positions would not be stated in order to not allow tension and distrust and recriminations to brew between the Muslim as well as the west."
Aboul Gheit opened on 26 December 2010, the first Egyptian consulate outside Baghdad in the northern city of Erbil in a one-day visit to Iraq, where he also held talks with Iraqi President Jalal Talabani.

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