The worst 10 moments in post Jan 25 Egypt

Worst moments in Egypt post Jan 25 

1- Ramadan 2012: The funeral of the 16 army soldiers who died in Rafah massacre 

2- Families of the 74 Ahly supporters died in port said massacre at the Zenhom morgue 

3- The Hamas leaders Ismail Haneya and Khaled Meshaal standing on Al Azhar podium guarded by the terrorist group Ezz El Deen Al Qassam 

4- President Anwar El Sadat assassin, Al Zommor invited to October 6 War celebrations, Sadat was shot dead during Oct 6 celebrations in 1981 

5- Morsy's victory 

6- Ahmed Nijad posing with a peace finger sign after stepping in Azhar mosque, First Iranian official to visit Azhar since 1979

7- Muslim Brotherhood torturing the protesters at the presidential palace in Ittihadeya

8- Egyptian journalism syndicate honoring the man who broke into the Israeli embassy and torn down the flag. Governer of Giza awarded him a new fully furnished apartment in October city.

9-  Usama Ben Laden supporters with Al Qaeda flags breaking into The US embassy in Cairo 

10- Ethiopia Dam crisis meeting, Egypt politicians propose hostile acts against Ethiopia, including backing rebels in secret meeting LIVE on TV

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