The road to 2013 coup d'etat in Pictures

October 2012, Morsi celebrates the national day by hosting a league of terrorists in Cairo stadium. Morsi circled the stadium like a communist tyrant but with Islamic flavor

Morsi challenges the judiciary by sacking the attorney general twice 

After 8 months in office, Egypt is a ship without a rudder. 
"In Power, but not in control" - Eric Trager

The new attorney general questioning the super influential revolutionary super star Bassem Youssef along with other talk shows presenters

The ship started to sink while Obama is still blindly supporting the elected bodies

Tamarod movement collects signatures to sack Morsi

Morsi appoints a terrorist group member to govern Luxor 
the militant group is responsible for 1997 Luxor massacre

Fuel shortages paralyze Egypt for weeks

Mohamed Ben Zayed meets Sheikh Tamim Al Thani in Doha

El Baradie supports June 30 protests and calls for a reconciliation with the old regime figures

Ahmed Shafik endorses the June 30 by mobilizing people in all Delta populous villages and towns

Morsi gives the weirdest and the most bizarre speech since he came to office 

Around 13 million Egyptians nationwide protested in the streets on June 30 demanding the removal of the Muslim Brotherhood regime 

Millions in the streets again on July 1st

SCAF addresses the nation giving Morsi 48 hours to resolve the crisis 

Morsi gives another empty speech, he repeated the word "shareeya (legitimacy)" 198 times

Time is up

Adios Morsi 

The Egyptian in a picture 

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